Barack Obama’s election to the Presidency did not end racism.

The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act did not end sexism.

The Americans with Disabilities Act did not end disability discrimination.

Universal Healthcare didn’t solve the struggles of socioeconomic inequality.

If the Supreme Court strikes down DOMA, we still won’t see the end of homophobia.

But all are(/will be) clear markers, actual legal evidence that changes have taken, and will continue, to take place.

I encourage everyone to abolish the notion of “separate but equal” and support marriage equality. But I also encourage people to understand that, while this will be an incredible step forward, it is nowhere near being the last step forward that we need to take. Once we move beyond something so inanely basic a right as marriage equality, we’ll still have to tackle the issues of bullying, homelessness, latent and outright discrimination, hate, identity, and so on and on.

That being said, every victory, however big or small, is a victory nonetheless. One step at a time. Take a breather afterwards, if you need to–but know that the marathon–to end racism, sexism, disability, socioeconomic, and LGBTQ discrimination–hasn’t been completely run. We my never see the light at the end of the tunnel, but despite the frustratingly often two-steps-back, on net, we’re moving forward.

We just need to remember not to stop working for it.¬†Look how far we’ve come since Ancient Rome!


In the meantime, because I do not consider myself nearly qualified enough to talk about this critically, here is some required reading that may help make critical sense of everything that’s going on, in your newsfeed:





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